Crafty Gurl: Mister Mustache

I get annoyed with the prices that people charge for “hand made”  jewelry.  Usually it is some kind of charm that cost two bucks and attached to a chain that cost a dollar.  Then they go on to Etsy and sell the necklace for 20-30 bucks.  Now, my mom has made jewelry for as long as I can remember, so maybe that is why it bothers me.  I know how to make jewelry, the kind you just slap together and the kind that takes a little more effort.

I decided I would help the world out, as well as my jewelry box, and throw something together that has been sitting in my craft draw for a few months now.


You just need a few tools.  I used two different types of pliers because that is what I have and it takes two to work the jump rings.  This charm needed two jump rings to attach it to the cord.  This cord is suede and I purchased it already put together.  You can buy the cord and the metal clamps to make your own necklace, but this was just quicker and what I had to work with.  I got most of my supplies from Micheal’s, but any craft store would carry the same supplies.

It seriously took me 2 minutes to put this together.  I didn’t do anything creative, I just found a charm that I loved and chose a cord that would look good with it.  You could also use chain.

Once you put everything together make sure your jump rings are closed tightly so that they do not open up while wearing the necklace.  I have lost so many awesome charms because of this.

2 minutes and maybe 5 dollars and I had a necklace that would cost you 15 dollars at Hot Topic.


I call him Mister Mustache…though if I wanted to be more creative I would probably call him Mister Hipster or…who knows.

When I have a good idea I will put together something a little more creative. I want to do something a little more steam punk next time.


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