Nail Fun: Matte and Glitter

I do my nails so often that I am buying new nail polish every week so I have something new.  That was until I lost my job.  I pretty much quit doing everything, but I am finally back on track, getting my life back together.  I am still unemployed, but that is no reason to have crappy looking nails, especially when I have so much nail polish and nail tools to play with.


This is what I have left after throwing most of my stock away.  There is more polish under the plastic containers.  It has become an obsession.

I sat down tonight and decided I wanted to try something I had seen on Pinterest a while back.  It was this fun look made by using black nail polish and matte  polish.  I am sure if you are female, you have seen this fun design.  I finally had the time and the right polish to do it so I dove right in.


The supplies are simple.  Nail polish, brushes, dotting tools, nail files, cotton balls, Q-tips, and finger nail polish remover.

My first step was removing the old polish that had been chipping away for the past 5 weeks…it was rough.  Then I used my nail file to file down my nails a little bit and to smooth out the nail bed.

Next I used a reconditioning base coat.  It helps damaged nails, which mine pretty much stay damaged.  I used the Recondition by Seche.  It actually has helped keep my nails from chipping and breaking all the time.

Second I applied two coats of black polish by ORLY (Liquid Vinyl).  I realized that my nails looked boring and decided to do an accent nail on each hand.


Purple being my favorite color, it had to be the accent nail.  This is Breakwater by CULT.  Quick review on CULT, I love the brand!  It is formaldehyde free and a bunch of other stuff free.  The polish dries super fast, doesn’t smell, and has amazing color.  The picture above is only one coat.  I went ahead and added another coat after, just to be sure.  Also, when I use this nail polish I don’t even have to use a top coat.  Not all of their colors are perfect in one coat, but it’s usually just the lighter colors that I have a problem with.  Otherwise, great product and they even have a subscription box you can get monthly.  I would say it is totally worth it!

Nails (2)

My nails after two coats of each color.  They are looking rough, I know.  I never said I was a nail artist.  I am straight up amateur and it gets messy.  You should have seen my right hand at this point.

MatteI then added the matte top coat on the black nails.  This is the Modern Matte by CULT.  I would have used just CULT for this look, but I didn’t have black in the brand.

After the matte coat dried I used a brush and the ORLY Liquid Vinyl to create stripes on two nails.  Then with the dotting tool I used the Liquid Vinyl again to create dots on the other two nails.  Resulting in a great, but hard to see look.  Honestly, it took so many pictures to get the right lighting and angle and I still didn’t do a great job.

FinishedYou can kind of see it.  I am going to see what it looks like in the sunlight, hopefully in better lighting you can see it better.

I realized that my accent nail wasn’t too fun.  It was way to bland for my taste.  I tend to go a little overboard sometimes, but I wanted a little sparkle!  And I will admit, they still need a little cleaning up when I took the picture, but I was watching Teen Wolf and was just trying to get on with the nails between commercials.

glitterI forgot how thick this glitter went on.  It wasn’t exactly what I was going for, but it totally works for me.  This was Tiara again by ORLY.  I love the ORLY brand as well.  It doesn’t dry as fast and it has a very strong odor that fills my room and causes everyone in my house to complain.

I actually used a top coat on my accent nails because glitter is not smooth, of course, and that causes me to pick at my nails.  So I used Seche Vite top coat.  Again, strong smell but totally dries quickly.  I am so impatient that I love polish that dries fast.  That way I can create a cute look with my nails and move on with my day.


I hope you enjoyed my Nail Fun and if you try it let me know.  Anyone can do the fun Matte look with the right tools.  My right hand isn’t that bad either.  Let me know if you try it out.

What is your favorite nail polish brand?


2 thoughts on “Nail Fun: Matte and Glitter

  1. cuddlycat says:

    Nice job! I too am a nail hoarder, lol. I’m kinda in the same situation you are right now–I just got out of a deep abyss and am trying to get my life back on track. Thanks for being honest–you aren’t alone! Have a great day!

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