Movie Review: American Hustle

Rating: 2 out of 5

Rating: 2 out of 5

I will be honest, this is not the type of movie I would usually watch.  The only reason I even bought it was because it had Jennifer Lawrence in it.  I honestly love that chick.  She is such an amazing actress and so down to earth.  I just hope she stays that way.

I started watching this moving having no idea what it was about.  Honestly…I had no clue.  After watching it, I’m still not sure I know what it was about.  Conning people or getting away with it? Stay on the good side of the mob? Cheat on your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend?

I think the only thing I even liked about this movie is Jennifer Lawrence and when the movie went off.  I kept watching the time because I felt like the movie had gone on forever. It was a little over two hours long, and I think it was about two hours too long.  Maybe I am being a little harsh because I am not into these types of movies, but I was bored out of my  mind.  The only reason I didn’t turn it off is because I was curious as to the end.

Speaking of the ending, it sucked.  Seriously.  They were working with the mob…someone should have been viciously attacked/killed.  I guess if you are the type of person that likes for everyone to have a happy ending, its a great movie.  I understood and followed the movie, but I had the hardest time focusing on the movie.

The story line aside, the actors were fantastic.  Everyone gave a great performance, but even that doesn’t save this movie.  Not for me.

I’m sure I should say more here, but I have wasted enough time on this movie.

Have you seen it?  Did you like it?  Share your thoughts with me.


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