Unemployment Fun

I had to go to the unemployment office today to talk about my current situation and so they could check to make sure I am doing all that I should be to find a new job.  Gag me with a spoon!  I got there at 7:30, an hour before my appointment, just to find out that they don’t open their doors until 8:30 (my appointment time!)  So I got to sit in the lobby of this place where all these offices are and wait, because I was not about to waste my gas sitting in my car.  It was nice and I got to write in my journal a little bit.  I thought that today I would share my journal entry from my wait this morning.  I hope you enjoy!

Musings of the Unemployed

photo (1)

Outside life moves on, cars fly by, and leaf blowers clean away whatever debris found it’s way to the sidewalk overnight.  Even inside, offices are preparing for the workday and a group of older ladies use the silence and the soft carpet to get in their daily walk.  I wander if they notice the buzzing of the bright lights.  I wonder which light is causing such an annoying sound.  The kind of sound that sits at the back of your mind and slowly digs away any sanity that might be left.  Can the light be fixed?  Or is it another one of those things that will just go unattended?

I am sitting here, paused, staring at flags of colleges from all over the state.  They are flags of lost hopes and broken dreams, because I am not here to continue my education.  No, I am here to admit defeat, to beg the state to have mercy on this poor soul who has lost her job.  I am here to hide the fact that I was unsuccessful at joining the world of the living.  I failed to blend in with the normals.

How many other lost faces will I see today?  In this building of open offices, hundreds of people working.  Are the people working happy with their jobs?  Or are they like 90% of the world that hates their job?

As a new sound enters the world around, past the buzzing light and shuffling feet, I realize that while I am here to grovel at the feet of the government, behind that groveling is a girl who finally has time to work as hard as she can to achieve her dream.  A dream that is a full-time job that not only makes her happy, but hopefully those around her as well.  In a moment I am happy, because I am doing what these other people can not.  I am imagining the life that is right before my eyes.  A life that is more reality then it is a dream.


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