Movie Review: Frozen

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating based on the hype?  3 out of 5.  Too much hype!

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Today after my fun adventure to the unemployment office I took a trip to Target for a movie.  After all the hype and hearing how much everyone loves it, I decided to pick up Frozen.  I was super excited because I love the song “Let It Go.”  I have heard all kinds of amazing reviews about it and I couldn’t wait for it to come out on video.  I have even heard that it was just as good, if not better, than The Lion King.  So I went into this with high hopes.

Warning:  Their will be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t look! Unless you don’t mind spoilers.

The movie starts off with two sisters, Elsa and Anna, playing in a ball room that Elsa has turned into a winter wonderland.  It was very touching to see the two sisters getting along so well and having fun, but the fun wasn’t going to last long.  There was an accident where Anna gets hurt and her parents rush her to trolls, which are adorable creatures, to save Anna from the ice in her head.  Evidently, the only way to save Anna is to make her forget her big sis has the power to create beautiful snow and ice.

After, the parents pretty much lock up Elsa to keep everyone safe.  Granted, they don’t actually lock her in her room, but they put enough fear into her to keep her away from everyone including her sister.  If it wasn’t bad enough that Anna no longer has her sister, her parents go on a trip and get themselves killed.  Now Anna is all alone because her sister still keeps locked up in her room.

Depressing much?  I thought so.  This poor girl has lost everything and her sister is so afraid of hurting people (thanks to her parents) that they are both terribly alone.

There is a party where Elsa finally comes out of her room because it is time to crown her queen.  Yay! You think there is something great going on and the sisters are going to just go back to normal.  Anna disappears with some prince and falls in love in 2 seconds flat.  Before you know it, the two strangers are engaged.  What?  No one falls in love that fast, and if they do they don’t decide to get married right there.  I will give Disney credit for giving Elsa common sense.  She instantly questions how someone can become engaged after one dance and a cheesy song.

Then everything goes wrong and Elsa looses a glove that keeps her powers dulled, which turns the town to an icy trap of death.  Elsa runs away and Anna goes after her.

Here is where things get a little more questionable.  As Anna runs off, she leaves the Prince who she just met in charge of her kingdom.  Really?

The movie gets a little better and a little easier to believe after that.  There is a talking snowman and a man who gives his reindeer a voice.  I find it rather charming.

In the end you find out that the prince was scum and the man with a reindeer (Kristoff) is actually a great guy that comes to save the day, but in the end Anna is the one that saves the day.  She saves her sister at the last minute, causing her sister to find her own strength and control over her powers.  All because of the love of sisters.

I think it’s great that Disney backed off the traditional love story where Kristoff would actually save the day.  I know they have done it before in Brave but this movie could have gone either way.  You think it will be the guy to come save the day, but it’s the strong female who steps up to the plate.  It’s fantastic that it shows how strong family should be and how the love of family can overcome any obstacle.

The movie was great and I really enjoyed it, but I was just a little disappointed.  It wasn’t as great as I expected it to be.  I feel like the hype around it was unnecessary.  Also, the beginning was super sad! I would watch it again, but it hasn’t replaced my favorite Disney movie; The Little Mermaid!


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