Coming up this Week

I have been a little out of it the past few days.  I lost interest in life for just a second, but I was awakened yesterday.  I have started a new blog to go along with my newest challenge for myself.  The blog is called N00bieNerd.  If you like anime, games, and all things nerd (I’m still trying to figure out what all is involved) and people struggling to get technology working, feel free to check out the blog and follow.  I might share a thing our two here, but I won’t drill it into your heads.

What you should be looking out for on this blog!!

I am trying some new crafts and trying to get my hands into something fun again.  I want to learn stuff with clay and I want to make homemade lipgloss, bath salts, and all that fun stuff as well as jewelry.

It won’t just be crafts though!

This week I will be posting two book reviews.  The two books are actually part of a series and I flew through the second one so I finished it a lot quicker than I thought I would.  I will warn of spoilers though.

The rest of this week will probably juts be random post, but I am thinking about reviewing a few shows, because I watch a lot of television.  I think eventually I will review movies as well, but that will have to wait until later.  I think I will have to get a part time job just to pay for the trip to the movies!

If you have any books that you have loved share them with me so I can look them up and possibly review them.  Also, any movies you have seen.  They can be your favorite movie from years ago, I don’t mind.  I might even start a weekly post about random netflix low budget movies because that could be hilarious!


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