The Writers Playlist


I admit it, I read Twilight.  The whole series and I loved it from beginning to end.  I loved how there was a happy ending for just about everyone and I loved that the plain ordinary girl captured the attention of the unattainable guy in school. I even loved how the vampires sparkled.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think vampires should sparkle, but it was the statement behind the sparkle.  It was something evil (though not that evil) presented in a beautiful package to fool you.

While I was obsessed with Twilight (before the movies came out, mind you.)  I would follow Stephenie Meyer’s every move. I was all over her website reading comments and hoping for something new from her.  I was all over her website and I came across her play list.  At first I wasn’t sure what I was looking at other than a bunch of songs that I actually enjoyed. With a little more research I realized that those songs were the songs the author used to help focus on her book.

Until then, I had always written with the sound of a tv in the background, or with some kind of noise my brother was making at the time. (He makes a ton of unnecessary noise.)  I searched for other authors who wrote while listening to music and decided I would try it too.

At first I was too distracted with the music playing, so I stopped.  Recently I have found that I need the music to write.  I have one song that plays on repeat a lot.  At first it was just to drown out the noise of the house…my family are very loud people.  Then it became a necessity to write.  Certain songs just strike my imagination and fire up my motivation.  I don’t always need the music, last night I pounded out a chapter in the novel I am currently working on with nothing but the sound of a fan to block out the television in the living room.

I wonder how many authors use the same method.  It’s great to have your favorite music blasting in your eyes while you lose yourself in your own words.  There is a magic to it.  Even my favorite author Stephen King (he is the master of horror!) has music blaring while he writes, or at least he used to.

Any authors out there listen to music while writing?  If so, what kind of music do you listen to?  Do you have a favorite band that gets the ideas flowing?

Right now my group of choice is Pentatonix.


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