Still Dreaming

When I first lost my job I thought I would lose the ability to dream and write.  I thought that the experiences that I had at work and around people helped me be a better dreamer, but I was so wrong.  The stress from my job actually caused me to dream less.  I started dreaming about ways to escape from my situation.  My dreams had become lazy!

I remember dreaming that I would hit the lottery and I would never have to work again.  I still have that dream, but it’s not the most important dream floating around in my head anymore.  I would dream that I found this gorgeous rich guy who would fall madly in love with me.  We would get married and I would never have to work again.  I still dream of falling in love with a gorgeous man with long hair and bright blue eyes (is that too specific?) but he doesn’t have to be rich.  I still joke about falling in love with a rich man, but not so I can escape my job.

The thing is, I don’t dream of ways to escape my job anymore.  I don’t dream of someone else saving me.  I dream of my own talents coming to life and saving myself.  I dream of becoming a best selling author and meeting Stephen King.  I dream of having my own publishing company so I can help new authors all over the world.  I dream of finding I have magic powers and joining a group of amazing friends to fight the bad guys of the world.

I have so many more dreams floating around in my head.  My imagination has even gotten stronger.  I no longer see the cute guy in the store as just a cute guy.  He is actually a vampire junky, looking for fresh blood for his master.  And the girl that stands outside asking for money is actually trying to get back to her mother, who is a powerful witch, so they can destroy the coven that has banned her for using black magic.  There is also the small quiet child who will grow up to find out he is actually a king from another planet, and he was sent to earth for protection, but on his 18th birthday he will have to return to save his people.

My dreams and my imagination may take me on crazy rides upon flying dolphins, and my allies may be vampires who only drink the blood of criminals, but it’s what I like the most about being me.  I can go on crazy adventures with or without a book in front of me.  And now that I don’t have a job I have more time to develop the best parts of me!


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