Dancing with Robots


I have noticed that there are a lot of commercials about cars and food.  It seems like that is all commercials are about anymore.  We watch television for entertainment, just for our minds to be injected with images of food, cars, money, and new technology.  No wonder everyone wants to snack while watching their programs.

I saw a commercial yesterday that has struck a nerve with me and I just cant let it go.  I’m not even sure what the commercial is about.  It’s something about fiber optics and technology.  It’s a simple commercial too.  The background is a soothing blue, while words and outlines of images are shown in a brilliant white.  One of the things that the commercial mentions is something about technology making us more human.  To be honest, this is the dumbest thing anyone could possibly think! At least in my opinion.

Technology, while I love it, has been the core reason for a lot of problems now days.  I remember when I was a kid, when I left the house no one could get in touch with me.  Sure, my mom knew where I was, but she couldn’t just call or text my cell phone and ask if I was okay.  We had to rely on phones that were jammed into a wall or couldn’t go too far from it’s charging station.  And if someone wanted to break up with their significant other, it had to be done in person.  Not through e-mail or text messaging.  Even a phone call trumps being dumped by words on a screen.

People think that it’s okay to stay in touch with friends and family with a quick message on Facebook or twitter.  We have friends all across the world that we have never seen face to face.  Yeah, that is fantastic to know people from all over the world, and it’s great to learn about different cultures the moment they change.  It’s great that I can turn on the TV and know what the weather is like in Hawaii.

Technology is great!  But it is also slowly tearing down what makes us human.  Human interaction.  The touch of a hand, the hug from a cousin, and the kiss from a lover.  Instead we are sending little characters that sit on a screen and we pretend that it is enough.

I can see it now.  Some where in the future we will all be living in these bubbles of solitude.  I will have a bathroom, kitchen, and a bed.  Everything will be run by machines and when I want to talk to my best friend I will call her up and her hologram will land in my house.  We will not know what it feels like to touch another human being because that was “so last year.”  We will become the robots ourselves, just going about life living through the images that race across a screen.  Though, if you really think about it we are really close to that already.

I am not saying we should destroy technology and stop growing.  I feel like we should try a little harder to not be so busy that the only thing we have time for is Facetime chat, or a Twitter conversation.

No, technology will not make us more human.  It could possibly make us smarter because information is so easy to find with technology, but if we rely on it too much we will lose what makes us unique and fantastic.  Think about Wall-E.  It took a robot to remind the humans how to be human.  I’m not sure I want to live in that kind of world.  No matter how hard I fight it, I love being close to people, feeling their warmth and fighting away their hugs.  I love being able to look someone in the eye and talk to them.  We are human.  Flesh and blood.  And it might do us some good to put down the technology for a little bit and remember what it’s like to have grass between our toes.


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