TV Addiction

First I would like to congratulate myself for posting everyday this week! I won’t be posting this weekend though, that is my planning time…which I haven’t been doing, but I will now…hopefully.

On to the show!

Last night was the best night of TV since last fall!  I seriously love fall.  Everything about it is fantastic.  The smells, the colors, the TV!

Last night one of my favorite shows started back…can you guess what it was?  The Vampire Diaries! To make things better, it was the premier of The Originals.  Of course, Glee was on too.

I know that people are going to eventually start complaining because of the two vampire shows back to back.  I always hear people say how tired they are of vampires.  Where does this come from?  I am completely obsessed with vampires, and I promise you I will watch every vampire show on TV…at least once anyways.

Actually, anything to do with supernatural beings, I will be all for it.  I can’t explain my draw to it, I just love anything not of this world.

So my thoughts on last nights shows?  I will go into more detail later, I don’t want to give away any spoilers.  So here is a quick…”What I think” for you.

The Vampire Diaries-  Ian Somerhalder…how did I survive without seeing his gorgeous face on the television? I will not lie, I am in love with this guy.  I follow him on twitter and he is always so nice! And he makes a fantastic vampire.  Other than that, the episode last night was really good.  It had me on the edge of my seat at the end, and I almost yelled at my TV when the hour was up…I have a love/hate relationship with cliff hangers.

The Originals- Awesome! I can not wait to see how the story progresses.  I really want Klaus to find some kind of happiness here.  He may be a bad guy…but is he really??

Glee- I realize it’s so far from the other two.  There is nothing supernatural about it, and a lot of people hate it.  Me…I love Glee!  I love the emotional roller-coaster it puts me on. I love the singing and dancing, and how cute are the gay couples?! This weeks episode though, I felt was lacking something.  I am sure they will make up for it next week when they finally address the death of Finn (Corey Monteith).  I have already warned everyone that next Thursday, I will watch Glee alone and I will go straight to bed after, just so no one sees me crying or traces of my puffy red eyes.

Parenthood- Yep, I watched it too.  This show is all over the place! It has always been that way though, so I wasn’t expecting anything less.  I feel like this season has so much more drama than the past.  It actually makes my head hurt, but I love it.  I don’t like drama in my real life, so I eat it up when it’s on television.

So, what did you watch last night?  Did you watch any of these shows?  If so, what did you think of them?

I can’t wait for next week.  So many more new shows, including American Horror Story! Have you seen the snippets and previews for it? OMG! It’s going to be amazeballs!

Have a fantastic weekend my friends!

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