If Dreams Were Premonitions

I have crazy dreams…like all the time.  It never fails.  I once had a dream that I was training to meet God, by living in a school where “The Mother” studied me until I was ready.  I have had dreams where my family dies, and I always wake up with a heart attack.  I have had dreams that monsters were chasing me, and I have had dreams where I was the monster that was chasing me.  I have dreams where I am everyone in the dream, seeing everything and hearing every thought.  Those are sometimes the worst, too many voices in one mind will drive you crazy.

Then there are the dreams that I wish would come true.  The dreams that I wish were premonitions instead of just dreams.  The dreams about falling in love.

I am, and forever will be, a hopeless romantic.  I am also, and always have been, single.  All I have had are my daydreams, which can sometimes get a little wild…as in, the guy I fall for turns out to be a vampire or something crazy like that.  But my dreams at night are the ones I like the best.  They are the ones I don’t have control over.

Last night I had a dream that the cute guy in my office asked me out.  It was kind of crazy the way it happened.  He walked by my desk, just the way he always does, and smiled.  But he stops, turns around and squats down at the desk so that he is at my eye level.  He smiles his charming (oh so gorgeous!) smile and tells me about a mexican food place up the street.  Then he gets shy and starts stumbling over his words saying he thought it would be nice to go eat there with me. He kept saying it would be just me and him.

Of course, the one thing that I have a problem with in real life, I don’t know when someone is flirting with me.  And guess what…I had the SAME problem in my dream.  For some reason the dream me did not get that this gorgeous guy, with the beautiful smile, was asking me out on a date! In reality I would have known! But dream me had to go stupid!

So, the guy gets up and runs out the door because he thinks that I have just rejected him.  HAHA!! Like I would reject this guy!

I wish that some dreams, not all, were premonitions.  That my dream last night was getting me ready for the cute guy in the office, so I would better compose myself when it really happened.

Of course, the gnomes will do everything in their power to embarrass me and the fairies will steal the cute guy away.  No human man can resist the beauty of a fairy…unless he isn’t human! I mean, his smile just can’t be human!  Maybe I can snag this one, and he can rescue the damsel in distress (me!), from the horrors of the fairy tale world that has leaked into reality.

Told you my day dreams went a little haywire.

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