I was supposed to have a fun, quick craft to post today.  And I have everything ready for it.  But, I want to complain a little bit and share my adventure from yesterday.

I had just gotten off work.  I was tired and just ready to go home.  The radio wasn’t playing anything good, so I popped in a CD.  The CD wouldn’t load so I tried to take it out and it got stuck.  While trying to get it back out, the CD player ate it and started playing it…I swear there is some kind of fairy or goblin, or fairy goblin, living in my CD player in my car.

I was driving down the road, singing along to the radio, smiling and thinking about my week.  Of course, it was raining and my car does not like rain!  It starts running weird, like a child being drug through a grocery store!

All of a sudden POP!  FLAP FLAP FLAP!! I quickly pull the car over because it sounds like I have a flat tire.  It is pouring down rain, so I roll my window down and check the tires on the driver side, everything is good.  I crawl over into the passenger seat, roll the window down and stick my head out.  Everything is good.  My tires are not flat!  I noticed a spoon laying on the road, so I just figured it had gotten under my car and caused the weird sound.

I rolled my windows up, and merged back on to the road.  FLOP FLAP FLOP!  Now, I am freaking out! I have no clue what is going on.  I pull into a gas station, which was thankfully just a few seconds down the road.  I should mention that the road was clear of cars at the time as well.  Thank you Jesus!

After I stop my car and cut it off, I get out…in the rain!  I look under the car to see if anything is stuck under there.  AND OMG!! There was a ZOMBIE!!!  He was growling and clawing at the air trying to get me.  Looked like he hadn’t eaten for days, and he was definitely one of the first people to get the virus!

Just kidding!

There was nothing under my car.  So I popped the hood.  Now, I don’t know a lot about cars, but I know enough to spot when something isn’t right under the hood.  Nothing looked out of place, all the belts were there, nothing looked like it was missing.  So I called my mom and her and my dad came and got me.

My dad did all the stuff I did, and found exactly the same thing I found…NOTHING.  I got back in my car and my dad rode with me, as my car picked up speed you could hear FLAP FLOP FLAP!  Something was seriously wrong, but we didn’t know what.

I pull over on the side of the road, right in front of the house that I so desperately want to buy.  We pulled into the grass a little bit and the owner of the house came out with a shotgun!  Started shouting telling us we had to get off his property.  He was dead serious too!  He was pointing the gun at us when this dog came out of now where and ripped the guys throat out!  He was like Cujo or something…except, he came charging at me, wagging his tale as blood covered his snout.  He jumped up on me and licked my face.

Just kidding!

No one lives in the house that we pulled up in front of.  It’s been for sale for the past two years.  One day I will buy it.

Anyways, my dad looked at my tire and found that the tire was coming apart.  A strip of rubber had pulled away and wrapped itself around the tire axle.  My dad had to cut it off so that we could drive to get new tires.

Which we did…337 dollars later and I have 4 new tires and a really awesome story to tell people.

I finally got home and played sims…I just couldn’t handle anything else.

But unfortunately, there was more to come.

I went into my bathroom to get ready for bed, the light bulb had went out so I had just put in a new one.  It was super bright!  Which may or may not have been a good thing.

I have a hole in my bathroom wall near my tub.  I just happened to look down at it to see this massive spider just chilling out.  ICK!!  I tried to kill it with a shoe, but that sucker crawled into the hole.  So I drown the hole with hair spray and tapped it up with duct tape.  Ghetto?  Yes, but I didn’t have to worry about that spider anymore…at least I hope I don’t have to.

I am sorry for keeping you so long, but I hope you enjoyed my torment.  I will return next week with more crafts, baked goods, and horror stories of my awkward life!

Have a grand weekend folks!


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