Tasty Tuesday: Blackberry pie!

Woohoo Pies! But first, today has been such a horrible day.  I woke up to find that my dog passed away last night.  He was only 5 and such a wonderful sweet dog.  He was sick a few weeks ago, but recovered.  I’m not sure what happened, all I know is my precious Spartacus is gone and I miss him so much.  I’m sure going home will never be the same, because he will not be in the back yard welcoming me home.

On to brighter news…blackberry pie.  I got the recipe from This Blog

I had most of the ingredients I needed at home, which was pretty awesome.  I was a little shocked that it called for an apple though…actually most blackberry pie recipes I looked up had an apple.  When did this happen?  I also did my own crust, which is why I went with this recipe, the crust looked easier then the others I saw.  The only thing was, I didn’t know what a pastry blender was.

So, I found a pastry blender.  Then of course I had to learn to use it…so I just used it… Anyways here is what I did.

iphone 005iphone 006 Got started with the blackberries and the apple.  I should have gone with fresh blackberries rather than frozen, they ended up being a little bitter.  I had to take the apple to a cheese grater, cause that is all I got.  Threw all that into a pot with some sugar and cinnamon and cooked it till it boiled a little bit.  Then sat it to the side in a bowl to cool.

iphone 007Then it was on to the crust!  This was going to be fun, or so I thought.  Actually, it was fun.  It was flour, a little salt, shorting and water.  And it made this awesome sticky dough.  It was so annoying. I was using the rolling pin of course, to roll out the dough.  The flour wouldn’t stick to the rolling pin and I didn’t have enough flour on the wax paper. It was just a mess.  But once I got the whole flour thing figured out, it was fun!

I got kind of board trying to cut out perfect circles and at the perfect thickness, so this is where I went astray from the directions.  I just made wonky looking circles that I rolled out thinner and put the blackberry/apple stuff in it, and tried to close it.  Stuff was oozing out of the sides and getting everywhere, but I kept going!

iphone 009iphone 010


The first picture is the fun little pockets I made and the second picture…I got bored with making the small ones so I just rolled out the dough, put it in the pan, filled it and closed it up somewhat.

Though they do not look too pretty, they were super delicious!  The crust was amazing! I will make pies again, maybe when I am in a bigger kitchen and have more room to work.  Or maybe this weekend because they were super yummy!


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