Wacky Wednesday: The Magic Door

I am pretty certain that where I work is some kind of supernatural/fairy tale gateway/portal.  There is always this mysterious stuff happening.  I hear wolves howl (I’m sure they are werewolves), I hear giants dropping things, and fairies causing accidents.  I have never actually seen any of the creatures inside the building, but I know I have seen a few follow me here.

Today though, I think I saw something!  Something I didn’t even expect.  I am sure it was an alien.

There is this large, garage door that I pass when I go to the bathroom.  It’s blue and there are three small, rectangle like windows in it, that sit one above the other.  The room stays dark, and you can’t see anything when you look in the windows.  There is a door off to the side that supposedly leads into this room behind the garage door.  They have even had it open once, and all that was in there were computers and spare equipment.  It’s a basic storage room…when the door is open.

When the blue door is closed, I think there is more behind that door.  I think it is a portal to another planet from this world.  An alien planet, and the aliens study us by looking through the three glass windows.  I always felt like something was watching me when I pass the door, but when I look there is never anything there.  That was until today.

I outsmarted the aliens today.  I pretended I wasn’t looking, and I caught a glimpse of the green eyes that were staring at me.  There were six of them, and I believe they belonged to one head, or at least one body.  When I looked straight on, they were gone.  Maybe there is some kind of magic that hides the aliens from the sight of humans.  Maybe I am one of those special humans that can see them.  I just have to train my brain to look past the magic that hides the truth from me.

The real question though, do I want to find the truth?  I could keep dreaming that I am actually working a full time job, but the truth could reveal that we are all just animals in the eyes of these aliens.  We are their test dummies, and this door, this magic blue door, is just one of the many doors they watch us from.

What kind of experiments are they running on us?  How do I out them?  How do I join them?

I know it sounds crazy, but is it really?

Welcome to my world.  Question everything.


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