Time to Revamp

I have let this blog sit in the wasteland collecting dust long enough.  I have been thinking for a few weeks now “What can I do with this blog?” Obviously my awkward life does not just consist of stumbling on my words, or tripping over flat surfaces.  I am actually a very crafty and creative person.  I am always trying something new.

With that in mind I decided, this blog needs to be about the other awkward parts of my life.  It needs to be about the failed attempts at new cake pop adventures and learning to sew.  It needs to be about all the projects that I have decided I want to do.

Every week I want to try a new recipe, like a few weeks ago I tried a recipe for peanut butter cake. It was really good and everyone loved it.  I took some to work and some to church, as well as leaving some at home.  I made two that week, the second one was obviously better.  I will share that adventure with you.

I will update every week on projects that can’t be done in one sitting, like my venture into learning to sew! I also like to do jewelry and I will share that too.  I frequent on pinterest…I want to actually try some of those fun crafts too! I may even share some of my gaming adventures (which is basically Sims at this point.)

But don’t get confused, this is not a strictly craft blog.  I will still share my random embarrassing stories, and I am even thinking about reintroducing Wacky Wednesday, which is where I take my normal day and share with you how I actually see it.  Word or warning, I live in a fantasy world.

So, look forward to seeing a ton more from me.  More stories, more crafts, more awkward, and more fun. It’s time to have a little more fun in life!


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