You Stink!

Let’s be blunt here.  You stink.  It’s not body odor.  It’s not shampoo or soap.  It’s your cologne or perfume.  Yes, that stuff you put on to make you smell good, smells horrible!

The thing is, I am allergic to perfume and cologne.  It gives me a major migraine.  I can deal with some of the stuff, the lighter scented stuff.  I used to wear anything sweet pea scented, though, I can’t take that anymore either.  I can’t wear perfume at all anymore.  I have one kind of lotion I can use now and I have to rely on my soap and deodorant to keep me from smelling bad.

Guys are the worst!  I think guys bathe in the stuff.  I understand you wanting to smell good going to a club or something, but there is no need for it at work.  Where I work, most guys are going to get dirty and sweaty, so it’s a waste of cologne to wear it to work.  And let’s face it, the reason guys wear cologne is to smell good for the ladies…not at work.  I actually find it more attractive when the guy hasn’t showered in cologne.  It seems like all cologne is super strong too.  Guys, I know you work hard and sweat a lot, but you know, you can take a bath when you get home or done with your work.

Ladies,  you are guilty of it too.  At least guys just spray cologne on their chest.  Woman have to spray it on their wrist, their necks, behind the ears, in their hair, down their arms, on there chest, down their legs and even their ankles!  Why is this?? What are you really trying to cover up?

I work in a company that has a lot of visitors from other countries.  Evidently, this other country has a thing about showers…people only bathe once or twice a week.  So the rest of the week they cover their body odor with cologne or perfume.  I understand there is lack of water in other countries, but when you are in America, staying in a hotel, PLEASE USE WATER!  Take a bath, I’m begging you.

At church, I will be clapping my hands and smiling.  The music is always hopping and I am in my zone.  Then, the room starts spinning and it feels like a sharp knife has been driven into my brain.  I then realize, the smells that are violating my senses.  Someone put on too much perfume or cologne that morning.  It’s like Pepe Le Pew!  There is a trail of green stench trailing behind them.  Sure, they think they smell good, to me, I would rather smell a skunk!  At least the skunk smell doesn’t cause such an intense migraine.

I can almost understand little ladies and old men wearing a lot.  They were raised in a time when people were not allowed to take showers on a regular basis.  I can let those go, or walk away.  They have an excuse.  The rest of you just need to lay off the stench.

The lesson: Be considerate of those who are sensitive to strong odors.  It doesn’t matter if it smells like flowers, chocolate, or cotton candy, it is an odor some of us just can’t take.  It’s not like I am complaining just to complain, it’s a serious problem.



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