Virginity Shame

I read a lot of young adult fiction books.  These books are geared towards teenagers, kids still in high school.  I sometimes forget, when I am reading, that teens are reading these books, and they are taking things from these books that they shouldn’t.  One thing that always shows up, that really annoys me, is teens being ashamed of being a virgin.

So many times I have read a female character wondering if something is wrong with her.  They talk about how all their other friends have given up their “V” card, and how their friends make fun of them for being a virgin.  Why is this even a thing?  Why are authors of young adult books putting this stuff in kids heads?  I never thought about things like that in high school.  I was one of the girls that held my head high about my virginity.

And I still do!  There is no shame in it.  I’m not saying you are a horrible person if you have had sex, and I wouldn’t dare call you a whore.  To me, my own personal beliefs  sex is something that should come with marriage.  I know this is the old way of thinking, but there is a reason for this.  Think of all the diseases going around.  Think about the girls that get pregnant in high school.  Think about the people whose lives have been ruined by some STD that their partner failed to tell them about.  It’s just safer to keep that “V” card until marriage.

Yeah, I know that waiting alone will not protect you from STD’s, but when you enter a marriage you know you trust the person 100% or you wouldn’t have married them.  Also, that is only one person you have to ask for a clean bill of health from.  I may sound like a worry wort, but I fully plan on asking my future husband for test, to make sure he is clean.  If he isn’t it’s not like I am going to dump him, I will just know to be careful.

I’m a little off topic.  The point of this, don’t be ashamed that you are still a virgin.  It’s something to be proud of.  You have stood your ground and made a commitment to stay safe.  And let’s face it, the only way to be 100% safe is to not have sex at all.  Until marriage anyways, then, do what ever you want.

Seriously, when did it become a bad thing to be a virgin?  Is it bad to focus on your school work or your life in general, other than wondering when and who you give up your virginity to?

It’s not a bad thing! Be proud!


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