Why So Serious?

I was going to do a serious post tonight.  Then I decided, it’s Friday, let’s have a little fun!  So I was going to write a funny blog, then I realized that I don’t really do funny very well.  At least not on purpose.  So, let’s talk about my awkward thumbs-up habit. That’s what this blog is all about right?

Today, one of the cute guys in the office asked me how my day was going.  I shouted “Fantastic” and gave him a thumbs-up.  Oh, Heather, could you be any more awkward?  I do this all the time though. If I like a guy, or just think he is cute, I get tongue tied.  I can’t talk to him!  I stutter and say stupid things.  I once told a guy, who had invited me and some coworkers to eat out with him and the other guys, that I had a lunch date with the fairies.  Why do I do this?? I am destined to be single forever.  This is why I never met guys from online dating sites.  I am good behind a computer or text.  But face to face, it’s torture.  For me any ways. I am sure the guy gets a kick out of it.  They may even find it cute…I wish they would find it cute.  PLEASE, someone really nice awesome guy, find my awkwardness to cute to resist!

Since I have so much trouble talking to guys, I just give them the thumbs-up.  I even do the stupid little giggle…even when they didn’t tell a joke.  That is my second weird thing I do.  I just giggle all the time.  These guys probably think I am some kind of escaped mental patient.  Call the men in the white coat! I found her!  Yep, doomed to an eternity of singledom.  I totally just created that word.  Actually, I probably read or heard it somewhere, but for the sake of my confidence, I created it!

I must confess though, I say I do this when I am around a guy I find attractive.  Truth is, I do it with just about anyone!  It’s just worse with attractive guys.  I’m just a weird person to talk to.  I don’t think I have ever had a serious conversation.  I wonder if I should get help.  Maybe the world just needs to accept my weirdness!


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