Over Analyzing

I over analyze a lot of things.  I really do.  I over analyze what people mean when they say hey to me.  This usually ends with me thinking that the cute guy that just smiled at me is totally in love with me.  Of course, by time I come out of my fantasy world, the person who said hey has practically run away.  I always check to make sure I didn’t drool, I tend to drool in my sleep, it could happen while I day dream too.  Then I smell my breath, and of course I have to smell my pits.  Once I am certain I don’t smell, and I didn’t run them away because I looked like a mad dog, I just figure they could see the insanity leaking from my eyes.

I wonder if you can smell insanity?

Focus! Where was I going with this?

Oh, right!

I was reading an article today on Buzzfeed.  I spend a lot of time on the site, even if I have read every article, 50 million times.  I came across an article today that just annoyed the goodness out of me.  For real, I was cursing at the monitor by time I reached the end.

It was about the little mermaid.  Some…adult, decided to over analyze the Little Mermaid.  I have a special connection with Ariel.  I have always felt I didn’t belong in this world…or something like that.  I have felt like an outcast, no matter who I am around.  If you haven’t seen The Little Mermaid, Ariel is a mermaid (duh), but she feels like she doesn’t belong.  She wants to be human, with clumsy feet and all.  Me and Ariel are one in the same.  She wanted to be human, I want to be a mermaid.

In this article they critique stuff about the little mermaid, like how her mother must of been a bit of a floozy, simply because there are so many daughters.  Or how, Ariel was like a transgender because she didn’t feel like she belonged in the body she was born with.  Then there was the thing about how Ursula doesn’t make sense, and how she so badly wants to be back in the castle.  Obviously the person writing the article knew nothing about the Little Mermaid.  Everyone knows that Ursula was Ariel’s aunt, who was forced out of the castle because she was evil.

There is another article on the same site about Beauty and the Beast.  They are trying to ruin my childhood.  Simply because some douche decides they want to point out all the “adult” topics hidden within a CHILDREN’S movie.  Yes people, these movies were made for children.  Children are simple minded.  They see fun half people/half fish people and they are hooked.  Beauty and the Beast teaches children to be kind to others.  Why are people suddenly analyzing the crap out of movies we grew up on.?  Are they that bored?  Can we not just enjoy the magic that helped us through the tough years of growing up?  Can I not pretend I am a kid still and fall in love with the idea that someone will one day see the beauty inside me, instead of flesh the curses me?!

What happened to dreaming?  What happened to escaping into a world that didn’t have to make sense?  Stop ruining the effect!


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