Time Flies

I hate the saying that time flies when you having fun.  I hate it because it’s true.  During the day while I am at my boring day job, eight hours feels like months!  When I am at home working on my book, two hours goes by like ten minutes.  How does this happen?  Why can’t it be the other way around.

Since we are on that topic, why can’t the weekend be longer?  I could really use more sleep.  A lot more sleep actually.

I always sound so ungrateful when it comes to my job.  I hate going in everyday.  I hate working eight hours.  I am not a morning person and it just sucks having to be at work before the sun even wakes up.  If a rooster was my alarm clock, I would be screwed.  I am much more of a night owl.  There is something magical about the night sky.  Maybe it’s the stars or how the moon smiles at me.  Or maybe it’s because that is when the world is quiet.  I’m sure if I lived in a different state and in the city, the night time would be just as loud as the day time.  Lucky for me, I live out in the country.  Sadly, the vampires don’t hide out here.

I have always felt more connected to the night.  As soon as the sun goes down, I’m wide awake.  I love the dark at night.  I just hate the dark in the morning.  Morning darkness is creepy and I am always a little paranoid.  Can anyone explain that to me?  I do love a sunrise though.  I love how the sky goes from dark blue, to purple, to red, to pink and then blue.  So many colors in a sun rise.  Same with sunset thought.  I should sleep until the sun starts to set, wake up and stay awake until the sun sets again.  I will get to see my two favorite parts of the day and sleep during the most annoying part.  Too bad the real world forces me to work a job during the most dreaded hours of the day.

I wonder, if I move to the other side of the world would I like mornings then?  When it is daylight here, it is nigh time somewhere else.  So would my preference change, or is it really the dark that calls to my soul?  I should check that out one day.  My number one reason to travel!


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